Tom King’s New Comic HEROES IN CRISIS Explores Sanctuary in the DC Universe

For months, Tom King’s Batman run has hinted at Sanctuary, a superhero crisis center where metahumans can seek treatment for their physical and psychological conditions alike. Now, DC has announced that the Sanctuary will be fully revealed in Heroes in Crisis, a new seven-issue miniseries by King and artist Clay Mann. But it’s far from good news for the world’s greatest superheroes. There’s a murder mystery in play and the culprit may be one of the heroes.

According to DC, the Sanctuary was created by Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman to help heroes deal with the severe mental trauma that often accompanies their chosen calling. Sanctuary was designed, and privately financed by Bruce Wayne, to give its patients a peaceful place by way of Kryptonian technology and Amazonian mysticism. Poison Ivy and possibly Booster Gold are among the patients there. Heroes in Crisis will explore the consequences of what happens when Sanctuary fails.

The first cover for Heroes in Crisis features almost every major hero in the DC Universe. But the focus of the story will primarily fall on Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold, and Harley Quinn. While this series doesn’t appear to have the universe-threatening scale of previous Crisis event comics, it may be similar to Identity Crisis. In that miniseries, the superhero community was rocked by the murder of Sue Dibny and the revelation that her killer was someone they all knew. Heroes in Crisis could potentially go in that direction as well.

Heroes in Crisis #1 will debut on Wednesday, September 26.

Will Heroes in Crisis lead to another superhero murderer? Share your theories below!

Images: DC Comics

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