Harley and Ivy Make a Lovely Pair In New DC Collectible Statue

If you want to be the superhero of giving Valentine’s Day gifts this year (and let’s admit, we always want to be the one in the relationship who wins at gift giving), look no farther than this stunning DC Designer Series statue of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Or if you are the comic book fan in need of a Valentine’s treat this year, this gorgeous piece—the first official statue featuring a same-sex couple—couldn’t be a better way to treat yourself.

Harley and Ivy Make a Lovely Pair In This New Collectible Statue_1

Kelly Knox

Designed by artist Emanuela Lupacchino and sculpted by Jack Mathews, this 11″ statue is an absolute head-turner. The weighty art piece features gorgeous details from head to toe, even down to the ivy snaking through the cracked tiles in the base. Every leaf, petal, and costume detail looks painstakingly painted; the makeup on Harley Quinn alone, with subtle but striking colors in her eyeshadow and blushing, is a tiny work of art. My personal favorite detail: Harley’s fishnet tights and sleeves are even real cloth fishnets, complete with tasteful tears likely earned during a nighttime run-in with the Bat.

Most of all, this DC Designer Series statue radiates romance, from Poison Ivy’s coy look to Harley’s joyful expression and firm hand on Ivy’s hip. The fan-favorite comics couple couldn’t be better subjects for a statue of this quality and passion. (Sorry, Mr. J, but you’re old news. Harley and Ivy are the power couple to watch now.)

If you’ve never invested in a high-end collectible statue before, this is the piece to start your comic collection with. With just 5,000 of the limited edition statue created, the eye-catching piece will instantly become the standout star of your DC Comics figure or statue collection.

This breathtaking Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn statue is available at your local comic book store and online at a retail price of $280. Look to add it to your collection on February 12.

Header Photo: Kelly Knox (Design by Emanuela Lupacchino / DC Comics)

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