Dazzling Light-Up USB Turntable Sounds Like Purple

Sweet “Bubblegum” Tate everybody, there’s a USB turntable that delivers both the ear funk—vinyl music—and the eye funk (a dazzling array of LED lights) and it’s called the Photon LP. (Note: if you have literal ear or eye funk, please call a doctor.)  The Photon LP, which was recently discovered by Laughing Squid, is a product made by ION Audio, a company with the desire to “bridge the gap between the classic and the cutting-edge, between the timeless and the revolutionary.” And it’s hard to imagine a better mix of timeless and revolutionary in the music space than a vinyl player/disco light show combo that plugs into your computer and also allows you to convert your records into playable digital files.

The turntable, which you can see more of in the image gallery below, is compatible with either Mac or PC, and thankfully has a clear dust cover; because we want those beats dirty, not the records themselves. (Speaking of which, have you seen how records are made? It’s a pretty groovy process.)

The Photon LP isn’t, of course, the only vinyl-related light show out there right now. Most recently, Star Wars records were made that not only play the scores from the films, but also project holograms—in an entirely analog process—above the records themselves. But the Photon LP still probably works best for anybody who wants to have a party that isn’t set to a John Williams score.

What do you think about the Photon LP? Is it worth the C-note? Drop on a needle on your thoughts in the comments below!

Images: ION Audio

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