DAY SHIFT Trailer Turns Jamie Foxx Into a Vampire Slayer

Jaime Foxx and vampires. That is all I needed to know to be interested in Netflix’s upcoming film Day Shift which stars Foxx as a vamp hunter. I did not care about the plot because Jamie Foxx and vampires is the plot. But the new trailer for Day Shift not only delivers what I—and many viewers—want to see. It also gives us an interesting storyline to boot.

Everything starts off normal during a hot day in LA. Foxx’s Bud is a pool cleaner… or so we think. Just kidding, he’s a vampire hunter who shoots a seemingly innocent old lady who is actually a creature of the night. They tussle and we realize that he’s really a skilled fighter and shooter. In this universe, hunting vampires is big money, specifically harvesting their teeth. And Bud has a reason why he’s after a chunk cash. We learn in the trailer for Day Shift that his family is about to leave town and he needs ten thousand dollars to keep that from happening anytime soon. Honestly, if he wants to remain in Cali, he’s going to need like a million dollars. It’s expensive there…

image of jamie foxx between two vampires day shift trailer

As Snoop Dogg’s character Big John Elliott says, “cut necks and cash ya checks.” However, he’s no longer in the vampire hunting union after some “accidents.” But he gets one last chance to get it right. The Day Shift trailer is full of action, twisted vamp bodies, and a nice dash of humor from Dave Franco’s Seth to round things out. Because who doesn’t like a few Twilight references in their horror-comedy? It certainly looks like a good time all around. 

Day Shift also stars Karla Souza, Meagan Good, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Oliver Masucci, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins and Zion Broadnax. The film will deliver blood and action when it hits Netflix on August 12.

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