Original Blue Ranger Billy and Lord Zedd Return in POWER RANGERS COSMIC FURY

Once a ranger, always a ranger! That rallying cry resonates strongly with generations of Power Rangers fans. But for David Yost, the original Blue Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, that quote proves truer than ever. Yost recently returned as Billy in the Netflix special Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, which celebrated the 30th anniversary of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with a reunion of some of its original cast. And now Yost’s Billy Cranston returns once more to the world of Power Rangers. Former Blue Ranger Billy will serve as a mentor figure in the current iteration of the series, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. But Billy better watch out because he’s not the only figure making a comeback. The villainous Lord Zedd will return once more to make trouble for the Power Rangers. Once a Power Rangers villain, always a Power Rangers villain, we suppose!

David Yost’s Billy Cranston Returns in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Cosmic Fury executive producer Simon Bennett shared a bit more about the return of the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger. He noted to Entertainment Weekly, “We felt it would be a meaningful landmark for fans to have David return to the show in a significant role, playing a mentor… And on a personal level, it was a thrill to be working with the O.G. Blue Ranger. David’s calm and positive spirit kept us all grounded and reminded us of the Ranger legacy we were striving to do justice to.” Yost will star in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury as a series regular, a role he last held as Billy in 1996 during the run of Power Rangers Zeo.

Bennett also adds that Billy’s appearance in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will not be related to his return in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. The two Power Rangers series will be “completely separate… And we were asked to keep it that way—apart from a couple of tiny Easter eggs… I won’t give these away, but I’m keen to see if fans pick up on them.”

We do love a Power Rangers Easter egg.

Lord Zedd Is Also Back in Power Rangers Action

Mighty Morphin Blue Power Ranger Billy Cranston played by David Yost and villain Lord Zedd will return in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

While David Yost’s Billy will have a mentorly role in Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, the opening credits and theme song for the show tease a bit more. We see the Blue Ranger suited up and ready to go during his close-up. It looks like Billy will be mentoring but also morphing. And that’s good news for the Cosmic Fury Rangers, because Lord Zedd will also return to the Power Rangers world. The Rangers temporarily stopped Lord Zedd in the second season of Dino Fury, but not for long.

The official description for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, season 30 of Power Rangers, shares:

Lord Zedd has escaped, and this time his rampage extends to the farthest reaches of space! The Rangers need to find new Zords and new powers to face Zedd’s latest threat, and they won’t do so alone. Joined by some familiar faces, they will discover the power of the Cosmic Orbs and become the Cosmic Fury Rangers, armed with new uniforms, new weapons, and an entire new fleet of Zords!

Ever the tech genius and master of logic, Billy’s help is crucial to the Rangers in their battle against Lord Zedd. Billy’s expertise shines as the team rallies to fend off both a galactic invasion and the potential undoing of all the good that came from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team.

It sounds like quite a ride. We wonder if we’ll get to see Billy face off against his old Power Rangers‘ foe Lord Zedd once more. In addition to these nostalgic callbacks though, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury is making history of its own. The series features Power Rangers’ first female red ranger, Amelia, played by Hunter Deno. Additionally, season 30 will mark the first time since 1993 that a full ranger team has returned for a third season. Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will debut on Netflix on September 29 and have 10 episodes. In the meanwhile, you can catch up with the team in Power Rangers Dino Fury.

Go, go, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury!

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