David Harbour’s FRANKENSTEIN Mockumentary Looks Hilarious

Netflix’s beloved David Harbour won’t just be making waves with Stranger Things 3 this July. Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein will see the man behind Hopper discover the history behind his own bloodline in this mockumentary. After finding lost footage of his father’s televised play of Frankenstein, Harbour embarks on a journey to discover the man behind this myth. Based on this first trailer, we can’t wait to see Harbour further flex his comedic chops in this campy short film.

The initial trailer mashes up the old, forty-year-old televised play with recent interviews, intense music, and a humorous air of seriousness. We’re excited to see Kate Berlant (from another great Netflix show, The Characters), alongside Harbour in this dramatic footage. We’re also loving watching Harbour juggle the roles of “himself,” i.e. the investigator, and his father, David Harbour Jr., the subject. In both the archival footage and present day shots, Harbour clearly demonstrates that he has the comedic range for both roles.

The trailer only gets funnier when you begin to notice the little details within these selected shots. Harbour’s concern for his father’s psyche becomes silly, thanks to the goofy film posters that hang behind him. Joey Vallejo, Harbour Jr’s rival, penchant for dramatics and cheesy advertisements adds fuel to what is going to be a hilarious stand-off. We also appreciate the pull-quote from Harbour himself, claiming that his film has “ more twists than Stranger Things.” We’ll have to get back to you on that claim, though. 

David Harbour’s FRANKENSTEIN Mockumentary Looks Hilarious_2

We’re equally excited for the talent behind the camera, too. Daniel Gray Longino, of PEN15 and Portlandia, is directing and John Levenstein, of Arrested Development and Silicon Valley, wrote the script. Thanks to their talents, we know this TV movie is gonna be whip-smart with its comedic realism. How did the mob get Harbour Jr. into Juilliard? What (cold) beef is between Vallejo and Harbour Jr. during the play? Most importantly, how will Harbour feel once the truth is uncovered? 

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein will be streaming on Netflix July 16, 2019. Until then, we’ll be refreshing ourselves with the plot of Frankenstein and enjoying Harbour on Stranger Things 3

Images: Netflix

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