David Bowie’s Lost Demo Track Has Been Found

It’s been over two years since the world said goodbye to the legendary singer, songwriter, and occasional actor David Bowie.

Bowie was a uniquely talented performer who left behind an incredible musical legacy. Early in his career, Bowie was an up and coming musician performing under his real name, David Jones, in a band called The Konrads. And now, Bowie’s lost demo with The Konrads has resurfaced, and it may be soon be highly sought after by music collectors. Via The Guardian, the demo was made in 1963 when Bowie was 16 years old. It features Bowie on lead vocals for “I Never Dreamed,” a single recorded in a session with The Konrads in the hopes of landing a record company deal. The report states it may be Bowie’s first ever professional recording, and that it was found stashed away in a bread basket by David Hadfield, the drummer and manager of The Konrads.

The Konrads didn’t stay together long, and Bowie joined a few other bands before eventually breaking out as a solo artist and embarking upon his own remarkable journey. Because of that, interest in the recording is expected to attract several high bidders when Omega Auctions places Bowie’s demo with The Konrads up for sale in September alongside other music memorabilia. You can see the rest of the items for sale here.

Are you intrigued by the reemergence of Bowie’s lost demo? And would you be willing to pay to hear it? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: RCA Records

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