Dave Filoni’s MANDALORIAN Character Gets an Action Figure

Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni has been a central figure in Star Wars for over a decade. He worked closely with George Lucas on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Then he moved onto Star Wars Rebels and, most recently, The Mandalorian. He’s usually behind the scenes working as an executive producer, writer, and director, but he also appears in front of the camera too. He voiced the droid Chopper in Rebels. And Filoni appeared in two episodes The Mandalorian as New Republic pilot Trapper Wolf (alongside Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Captain Carson Teva). And now that character is getting its own Hasbro Black Series action figure. Yep, an official Dave Filoni action figure.

Dave Filoni's X-wing pilot holds his helmet under his arm


Fandom shared the news and stated the Trapper Wolf figure will be available only through Hasbro Pulse in fall 2021. Figures sold through Hasbro Pulse go quickly so you’ll have to practice that clicking finger.

The Dave Filoni action figure comes with Trapper Wolf’s accessories: a helmet and a blaster rifle. The helmet features imagery of wolves. Star Wars fans may recognize the symbols from Filoni’s iconic t-shirt. (He just really, really likes wolves).

Dave Filoni's X-wing pilot holds a blaster rifle


While this may be the first official action figure featuring Filoni’s likeness, it’s definitely not the first when you consider fan made figures. Several fans have customized existing toys to look like the Star Wars creator. At Star Wars Celebration Chicago in 2019 during a Star Wars Rebels panel, two fans gifted Filoni with a 12 inch figure of “Little Dave,” pictured below. I hosted the panel and I remember that everyone in the room lost it.

So while it’s cool that we’re getting a Hasbro figure of Trapper Wolf, we’ll never forget Little Dave. And we hope Filoni adds Trapper Wolf to his collection of action figures of himself.

Also: how about a Captain Teva figure, Hasbro?

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