Nerve-Wracking Video Shows a Daring U-Turn Skillfully Executed

Are you afraid of heights? Does seeing someone risk their life for a totally frivolous reason make you nervous? Well, then you might not want to watch this video then. But for those of you out there with strong constitutions, this one’s for you. Thanks to Boing Boing, we’ve discovered a video of someone who does a nearly impossible u-turn on a single-lane road on what looks like the edge of a cliff. (Or is it even really a high precipice? More on that later).

We’re not entirely sure where this supposedly death-defying feat was filmed. The “about” section of the channel suggests Hong Kong. You can watch the full video, from YouTube channel DrivingSkill, right here:

Although the video was uploaded in December, it took about a month for it to go viral on social media. Then it just blew up. On reposts on Twitter and Instagram have received millions of views. Reactions ranged from “this is the greatest driver in the world” to “what the hell is wrong with them for doing this??” Some just praised the perfect 80-point turn.

Here’s the thing though. Another video uploaded of the same stunt from a different angle shows that it’s not actually over a cliff. Beneath the car was another road, carefully concealed. We’re not saying it still wasn’t dangerous. That would have still been a nasty drop. But not as bad as it looks upon the first watch. But it’s doubtful this would have gone as viral as it did if it was just “look at this impossible u-turn.”

A daring cliffside seeming U-turn at the edge of a precipice

The DrivingSkill YouTube channel is a pretty recent one, but they currently have thirteen similar videos. And now that they’ve become a viral sensation, we’re sure there’s more to come. You can check out more from them by clicking right here.

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