DANCING WITH THE STARS Moves to Disney+ as Its First Live Show

A surprising announcement is rippling through the world of television. And this news touches everyone, from Disney fans to reality TV lovers, to, we’re sure, every person involved with TV. Streaming platforms, cable channels, and more, everyone is paying attention to this. The news? After 30 seasons and 16 years on ABC, Dancing with the Stars is moving to Disney+. And more than that, Dancing with the Stars will be Disney+’s first-ever live series.

If that feels like it’s a lot to unpack, it’s because it is. Where do we begin? Firstly, Dancing with the Stars has never struck us as a very Disney+ kind of show. After all, it features all kinds of celebrities—not just Disney ones. Famously, many contestants and leads from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have appeared on the show. That doesn’t exactly feel to us like Disney’s brand. But we suppose Disney’s brand may be evolving—especially when it comes to Disney+. After all, Disney+ recently added the Netflix Marvel shows to its lineup and those are definitely different than the rest of the content on the streamer.

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Of course, Disney+ also introduced parental controls in the same breath. Perhaps we will see a new Disney+ parental control setting for “live TV.” And speaking of live TV, as mentioned, this marks Disney+’s first live show. Though streaming networks often have some connection to live TV, often allowing users to stream live TV with added packages, they do not tend to air live TV themselves. Instead, streamers favor a drop for previously filmed content. Adding a live component to a streaming platform creates a sea change in the way streamers work and may work from now on. Live shows plus streaming content, Disney+ is heading toward a brave new world with its Dancing with the Stars addition. Or are we simply heading back somewhere closer to the television we started off with originally?

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Dancing with Stars has also received a two-season order at Disney+. And fans are probably wondering how the show may change. Dana Walden, Chairman of Entertainment, Walt Disney Television offers some insight, saying:

Dancing with the Stars has been a beloved staple on ABC for 30 seasons and brought so much joy to millions of viewers. As we’re significantly expanding our unscripted slate at ABC, this is a great opportunity to introduce this show to a whole new generation of fans on Disney+.

We wonder if we’ll see a much more kid-friendly version of Disney+’s Dancing with the Stars for “a new generation.” Although the news is shocking, Dancing with the Stars has long leaned into its Disney roots. But the show usually hasn’t featured stars at the height of their fame. Will this change now that Dancing with the Stars lives on Disney+?  Only time will tell. One thing we do want to see is our favorite Marvel stars on Dancing with the Stars. Oscar Isaac, Chris Evans, Tessa Thompson, Robert Downey Jr., Danai Gurira, we are looking at you. We can’t wait to see what kind of dance Dancing with the Stars dances next.

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