RICK AND MORTY’s Dan Harmon Will Executive Produce Netflix Animated Series THE UNDERVALE

Netflix is bringing another new animated show to its airwaves. Only unlike the streamer’s newly announced Minecraft series, this cartoon is meant for adults. Deadline reports Netflix has ordered The Undervale from Rick and Morty alum Matt Roller to series.

An image of a ghost and his sister surrounded by chaos and kids in The Undervale

Netflix’s new (new) animated series comes from creator and showrunner Matt Roller (ArcherRick and Morty). The Undervale will follow a single mother raising her two children while struggling to “run a haunted hotel with the help of her estranged brother.” And it truly is haunted. Her brother “is now one of the ghosts and thinks the other ghosts have some pretty good ideas.”

Rick and Morty co-creator and showrunner Dan Harmon will also serve as an executive producer on the series. As will Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s Chris McKenna Rick and Morty‘s Steve Levy. And if that’s not enough multiverse power, Rick and Morty‘s Erica Hayes will also serve as the animated show’s supervising director.

Obviously anyone with experience in an infinite universe knows something about working with ghosts.

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