Watch Three Dachshunds Speed Through a Snowy Racetrack

A snow day is not inherently good. Not because getting one means you probably have to shovel though. Like any other day off it’s ultimately defined by what you make of it. Mother Nature can provide you with an opportunity for fun. But you have to do the rest yourself. Which is exactly what one veterinarian did for his three little dachshunds when they got their first snow day. He made his dogs an outdoor racetrack so they could enjoy running through a winter wonderland. And while they might not be future racing champions, they’re all experts at being cute.

Dr. Adam Christman turned his yard into a chilly adventure for his three tiny dachshunds. He shoveled pathways through the snow to create a miniature racetrack for his dogs. (A delightful activity we first saw at Laughing Squid.) The adorable trio of Carl, Chelsea, and Clark W. Griswold got to enter the pathway in style too. Dr. Christman’s dog ramp let the pups start the race with some extra pomp and circumstance. And to make the whole thing even better, the doctor narrated the events for us.

As far as being a race this was a total mess. It involved frequent pit stops to pee, and also lots and lots of confusion over which way to go. Watching this video you almost get the feeling the dogs didn’t understand the entire point of a racetrack. However, as a perfect montage to bring some much needed joy into the cold weary doldrums of winter it is an absolute winner.

A split image: three little dachshunds run down a ramp into the snow next to a photo of two of the dogs standing in a snow pathway
Dr. Adam Christman

We demand more snow racetracks for dogs everywhere! Even places it doesn’t snow! No, we don’t know how that would work. You figure out the logistics, warm weather denizens. Meanwhile, everyone should visit the doc’s YouTube and TikTok pages to see even more videos of cute animals in action.

You don’t have to wait for a snow day to watch them. But if you do we’re pretty sure you’ll be making good use of mother nature’s bonus day off.

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