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It’s summertime! The latest Game of Thrones season has ended, there’s no Doctor Who until December, and you’re thinking now’s the time to find a Dungeons & Dragons group to get into. That sounds like an excellent plan, and we can help!

Earlier this year, we helped people  find some sites that could lead to a D&D Group, and in this article, we’re sharing four more D&D group-hunting sites that we hope you find useful.

Gamer Seeking Gamer

Gamer Seeking Gamer sounds like an online dating site, and in a way, kind of works like that. If you’re a player or DM/GM looking for a group, Gamer Seeking Gamer is a great place to start. Sign up into a free membership, fill out your Game Host and Online Gaming profile, and you’ll have access to GSG’s Search and Messaging systems to find yourself a gaming group.


RPGGeek is the sibling site of the popular BoardGameGeek and VideoGameGeek sites. Register yourself for a free membership, and you can search through a multitude of forums for fellow D&D players, or any other RPG you want to play. RPGGeek also publishes RPG industry news, RPG reviews, and hosts a Play By Forum section.

Obsidian Portal

Obsidian Portal is a free online campaign management system, designed to help DMs and GMs create, track, and archive everything needed for a quality RPG campaign. It also has a handy ‘Games Nearby’ link at the top of the page to help you find RPG games near you. There is an extensive forums section that may be used to directly reach out to OP members as another way to search for an RPG group.


Roll20 is a digital suite of tools designed to connect RPG players from all over the world into a single virtual tabletop. If you find RPG players you want to game with who don’t live nearby, then Roll20 is what you want to use. Click on the ‘Find a Group’ link at the top of the page to search through Roll20’s vast community for players and games to join. Create a free account and you can post your own LFG messages. They even have a YouTube video showing you how it’s done!

And there you have it! With this article, and the previous one I mentioned, there are eight ways to help you roll a nat20 on your next D&D group find check. Now get gaming!

Do you have any other tips for someone looking for a new D&D group? Let us know!

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Image credits: Gamer Seeking Gamer, RPGGeek, Obsidian Portal, Roll20 

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