Cyanide & Happiness Emojis Coming to Your Phone

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Fans of Cyanide & Happiness rejoice, now you can send your friends gifs and emojis from the comics. Now you can waste your friend’s data plan by sending emojis until you explode (or until they block you). Just be warned, some of them are not safe for work (or your in-laws looking over your shoulder).

There are four different categories in the app: Baldies, Poses, Gifs, and Avatars. Baldies are your standard emoji: a face making an expression. Poses let you have a little more fun.  I could see having an entire conversation with them. If you wan to swing in on a wrecking ball, there’s a gif for that.

Looking for an new avatar? You can create and customize your own character to use; there are even ones with censored bars on them. Don’t like the faces provided? Snap a pic of yourself and cut out your face. One thing to note with using your own face, you can’t put any of the hats or facial hair on that avatar. This is going to be your biggest time sink.

The new app comes out on Thursday (3/9). If your friends don’t download it, they can still receive and view the emojis without a problem.

Their other big news recently (in case you hadn’t seen it) was the release of Joking Hazard. Based off of their popular Random Comic Generator, Joking Hazard plays similarly to Apples to Apples and Cards against Humanity. Each round the judge picks a card from the deck and adds one from their hand to set up the comic. Your job is to supply the last panel. Play to the judge, play a card for laughs, or just play a card to be a horrible person.

All Image Credit: Cyanide & Happiness

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