Specialty Drone Bed Takes Flight with $25,000 Price Tag

Not everyone can be as cool as Kirk Van Houten and sleep in a racing car. But Milhouse’s dad better hope his music career takes off if he wants to be the coolest cat in Springfield. Because race car beds are out and drone beds are in. So long as you have $25,000 to spend on the spot where you sleep.

An LED-lit bed shaped like a drone with propellers
Drone Racing League

Despite its price tag, the Drone Racing League’s new Drone Bed (which we first heard about at Gizmodo) doesn’t actually fly. It’s still pretty awesome, though. “Inspired by DRL’s Racer4 Drone,” it’s made from MDF. The bed’s spinning propellers consist of high density foam. (Way better than metal. You don’t have to worry about falling out of your bed and slicing off your ankle this way.) It also comes adorned with LED lights that go around the bed. This might not justify the price, but think of the savings you’ll have on night lights! And it has “scratch resistant high grade furniture paint” in case you decide to race dirty against other drone beds.

You can also opt to include a TV mount at the foot of the bed. And your order will also nab you sleep masks in the shape of First Person View drone goggles. Which sounds extra silly but is actually the best part. What’s the point of having a drone bed if you can’t pretend to fly it? Exactly, there’s no point.

An LED-lit bed shaped like a drone with propellers seen from the back which shows a mounted TV at the foot
Drone Racing League

Considering the market for this bed is likely to be limited, each one is made-to-order. It comes in two sizes, twin (80” x 38” x 28”) and full (80” length x 53”). The Drone Bed won’t be around for long, though. The deadline to order one is February 1. There’s a 2-4 month expected wait, with shipping available only to customers in the US.

That probably won’t be enough time for Kirk Van Houten to record a hit single and make enough money to buy one. But at least he still has his racing bed.

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