CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Returns in Season 10 Trailer

Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s eighth season ended in September 2011, and for a long time it wasn’t clear if the show would ever come back. Larry David never said the series was finished, but he wouldn’t guarantee its return either. But after more than six years Curb‘s ninth season finally debuted on HBO in October 2017. There was a Fatwa!—an actual fatwa—and Lin-Manuel Miranda got shot in the mouth with a paintball. So, you know, the kind of “normal” Larry David stuff we had been waiting for. Fortunately we won’t have to wait anywhere near as long to see season ten. It will premiere early next year in January, 2020. And the new trailer makes one thing very clear—viewers are the only ones who want our favorite social pariah around.


The world just feels like a better place when people are screaming at Larry David, you know?

This season ten trailer also features plenty of old familiar Curb Your Enthusiasm faces, including a sweatpants-loving Jeff Garlin as Larry’s agent Jeff Greene and his wife Susie Greene, played by Susie Essman. (Larry’s right, her hat is…. not good. Also Jeff is right, once the sweatpants go on that’s it. The night is over.) We also get to see fan-favorite J.B. Smoove as Leon Black, who is member of “The Big Johnson Community.” And there’s even an appearance from angry Richard Lewis, played by an angry Richard Lewis. Cheryl Hines and Ted Danson also make quick cameos, in what looks like an absurd Larry moment of inappropriate behavior.

Tons of other famous celebs—like Fred Armisen, Kaitlin Olson, Laverne Cox, and Isla Fisher— also show up throughout the trailer. But the one thing almost everyone has in common is that they want Larry “to get out.” Or rather, most of them want Larry “to get the f**k out.” And in one hilarious clip they don’t just want Larry to get out, they want Jon Hamm to go with him.

Larry David and Jon Hamm are happy to be thrown out of a partyHBO

If that scene is even half as funny as it looks here, we could be looking at an all time great moment in the show’s history.

This trailer isn’t the only promo HBO has released for season ten. One teaser features Larry fighting with a toaster—as all totally normal, totally sane people do.


Clearly HBO knows fans don’t love the long waits between seasons, even if it didn’t take six years this time. The network’s other teaser for the show features a clip of Larry using a waiting room to, well, wait. Only, because it’s Larry David, it’s far more complicated than that. And far more socially awkward.


He’s not wrong. But, he’s not right either. So nothing has really changed for Larry since season ten. If anything, he’s worse than ever. He just doesn’t really care.

Who said characters have to show personal growth to make a good story? We like him just the way he is now—awful. And, most importantly, on our TVs again.

Curb Your Enthusiasm‘s tenth season premieres early next year on HBO, on Sunday, January 19 at 10:30 p.m.

Featured Image: HBO

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