Watch Larry David and Bernie Sanders Find Out They’re Related (Seriously)

For Larry David fans, what could possibly be better than the recent return of Curb Your Enthusiasm to HBO after a five-year hiatus? How about finding out that L.D. is  genetically related to his real-life doppelgänger, and Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders? Really, they’re cousins. No, really. Oh, you don’t believe us? Here’s proof!

The bombshell news, which comes via Digg, was dropped during the season four premiere of the PBS television series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. The show has become popular for linking celebrities to each other and other unexpected historical figures through mitochondrial, Y-chromosome, and autosomal DNA, This time the link was especially profound as David and Sanders have already been inexorably linked by a strong physical likeness, mutual mannerisms, and, of course, David’s impression of Sanders on Saturday Night Live.

In the above clip from the episode, we watch as Louis Gates Jr. unveils the news to both of the bald, bespectacled, slightly hunched men who, expectedly, have more or less the same reaction. “What the Hell?!” David exclaims after finding out that he’s related to Sanders rather than “a good athlete” as he originally hoped. “He does a better Bernie Sanders than I do,” Sanders notes.

Speaking of that incredible Bernie Sanders impression, if you haven’t seen “Bern Your Enthusiasm” on SNL, do yourself a favor and watch the clip of it below. It’s prettay prettay prettay amazing how well David’s persona fits Sanders’.

And here’s David and Sanders appearing in another SNL skit side by side. You may have to squint to tell the cousins apart.

What do you think about the fact that Larry David and Bernie Sanders are now confirmed to be related by blood? Would you vote for a Sanders-David ticket? Give us your thoughts in the comments below, why not? You’re not too good for the comments section!

Images: YouTube / Saturday Night Live

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