Cthulhu Ski Masks Will Keep You Warm and Horrifying

Oh the Cthulhu! Will we ever tire of the twisted sea beast that haunts the depths of the oceans the way it haunts the depths of our collective subconscious? No, apparently not. But we will take styling cues from that face that only the Kraken could love and apply them to a pretty sweet ski mask. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to face your worst nightmares turn your face into your worst nightmares with this:

Discovered via Boing Boing, the Cthulhu ski masks that tickle the fashion sense with their tentacles—imagine it, but don’t squirm! Fight it… fight it—are technically labeled by creator  Free Fisher as “Unisex Barbarian Knit Octopus Beanie Balaclavas.” (A balaclava is, for those of you who’ve never had to fight the chill of a harsh winter, a garment that covers up the face and the neck, and in this case, also a way to prepare you for some type of Pirates of the Carribean-like treasure chest heist.)

If you feel like honoring H.P. Lovecraft’s infamous non-Euclidean monster by wearing a knit version of its horrorific face, then you can find these balaclavas on Amazon via Amurleopard, or on Free Fisher’s own site. The good news is, while they may be fiendishly freaky, they are quite reasonably priced: $4.20 from Amurleopard and about $10 from Free Fisher.

Do keep in mind that the Cthulhu was one of our three most likely sea monster suspects in regards to that recent mysterious sea ping driving away all the mammals in the Nunavut region however—you know, if you want to avoid the Canadian military potentially coming after you.

What do you think about these Cthulhu ski masks? Tell us the twisted tale of your opinion in the comments below.

Images:  Free Fisher, Amazon/ Amurleopard

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