Critical Role: Trinket’s Soundtrack – The Bear Minimum

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Are you really surprised that Trinket has a playlist? Of course he does! Trinket has a lot of really deep thoughts and feelings. He’s kindly shared a list of songs that paint the beautiful picture of the world seen through his eyes. Enjoy.

Trinket Playlist

The Other Day I Met a Bear – Barenaked Ladies
Growl growl growl grr mrrph oumph grr grr grr. Mouff growl grr growl mouff growl growl grr, growl mouff, growl grr grr grr growl humph.

Trinket – Christine Leakey
Pffbt grr roar roar growl grr growl roar. Mouff grr growl bear pun growl moan growl grr mouff. Growl growl growl, growl moan growl mouff, grr growl, grr growl growl gowl.

Roar – Katy Perry
Grr mouff growl growl roar roar grr growl, Growl growl growl. Mouff grr growl grr grr pffbt mouff. grr grr grr growl pffbt grow.

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear – Elvis
Roar roar growl roar mouf. Mouf grr growl roar roar gowl mouf mouf. Grr mouf growl phffbt roar growl growl.

Stubborn Beast – Bear’s Den
Growl growl grr growl Vex’ahlia growl moan grr grr. grr grr growl roar grr growl maouff grr, growl mouff grr growl, growl growl grr growl.

Animal – Def Leppard
Roar growl roar roar mouf grr rawr growl grr grr rawr growl phffbt growl mouf roar roar.

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley
Maouff roar! Grr grr growl. Growl! Pffbt maouff grr growl grr. Growl moan growly growl.

Bare Necessities – The Jungle Book
Grr mouff growl growl roar roar grr growl, grr grr grr growl pffbt growl grr growl growl. Mouff growl grr growl, roar growl grr growl roar grr. Grr growl grr, mouff mouff phfffffffffffbt roar.

Cannonball – Lea Michele
Growl growl. Roar.  Grrr… mouf grr growl. Growl growl pfffpht. Mrff fwooah grr grr. Growl growl growl.

Defying Gravity – Wicked
Bear pun.

Featured image credit: Darragh R. Farrell @CaptainNimoy

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