Critical Role Fans Take the Spotlight

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There’s something to be said about fan art. While a writer may be able to move and manipulate a host of characters through scenes and events, an artist gets only one moment to portray their love for the subject. From raging action to a moment of calm, the fan chooses that moment to exemplify their love. And for fans of Critical Role, there’s a lot of love out there to show.

The team over at Critical Role gets hundreds of submissions every week, each with a fan’s take on their adventures. We have culled together only a fraction of the work that fans have sent in to show their love for their favorite Twitch tabletop RPG group. In this gallery, you will find gallantry, humor, and sometimes a moment of peace for our brave warriors. The pictures you see here were picked out by members of the cast. If you don’t see your work up here, don’t worry. They have a lot to go through.

Are you working on some art of your own? Share with us in the forums. Who knows, the next picture you see may be your own.

Feature Image Credit: Joma Cueto

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