These Terrifying Vintage Baby Dolls Can Make Music

We’re not entirely sure what it is, but there is just something about old-timey baby dolls that are just creepy as all get out. These dolls (that your grandma probably still buys from home shopping channels) just give us the willies. So of course, someone out there has found a way to make them even creepier still.

These custom made creepy baby dolls are also sound instruments.


Via Geeks are Sexy, we’ve discovered the Etsy shop from the Netherlands called Powzoo. Among their “sound art” creations are these colored vintage style baby dolls, which are each musical instruments as well. We use the term “music” rather loosely by the way. You can see and hear these bizarre creations in a pair of videos right here:

First up is “ Baby Bot – Light Theremin, Powland Edition.” This synth is set up to be wild and experimental, so the best way to play it is to just start turning knobs until you find combinations you like. The LED lights in the Bot’s hand can shine light into or cover up the light sensor. Using this baby doll as a terrifying Halloween decoration is also possible, but that’s not in the official description. That’s just our take.

The “ Baby Bot II” sounds even less like music, and more like sound effects from an old Atari game. The little purple monster’s description says “Thank you for adopting a Baby Pow II analog synthesizer.” With the notion of adoption, this suddenly sound like demonic variation on the Cabbage Patch Kids.

The Baby Bot 247 Analog Rhythmic Effects Synthesizer features glowing eyes that we think are for hypnotizing you into joining their hive. This is currently sold out but luckily there’s a video of this little beast. Now try listening to that with the sound on for the full 90 seconds at full blast. We dare you.

Both available baby doll instruments will set you back around $300. You can buy them now at the Powzoo Etsy shop.

Featured Image: PowZoo

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