Creep Out Your Friends With A Halloween DIY Head In A Jar

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Halloween is right around the corner. Soon, everywhere you turn will be something spooky. No really, everywhere…

Do-it-yourself spooky decor doesn’t have to be complicated–an edited photo and colored water are all you need to create your own creeptastic head in a jar party trick.

Simply edit together two side profiles and a portrait of a head, print and laminate it to ensure preservation, then place in a large jar filled with water dyed with food coloring.

With that, your Halloween prank is ready to go. Imagine opening the fridge for a late night snack and having that staring back at you? No, thanks.

Get the complete Head in a Jar DIY on Instructables.

Have you made your own head in a jar? Let us know in the comments and tag @geekandsundry and @justjennrecipes on instagram to show us your creations!

image: Mikeasauras via Instructables

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