COYOTE VS. ACME Star Will Forte Calls Final Film ‘Incredible’ in Message to Cast and Crew

Update as of 4/15/2024: In a recent article published by The New York Times Magazine, a Warner Bros. Discovery spokesperson shares that “no final decision has been made” about Coyote vs. Acme‘s cancellation or release. However, we have seen no movement toward a release for the film so far.

The Coyote vs. Acme situation continues to get more and more frustrating. Despite alleged attempts by Warner Bros. to sell the completed animation/live-action Looney Tunes hybrid film to other studios, it seems no one is biting. And the likelihood that Warner Bros. will simply shelve the movie forever for a tax write off, similar to what the studio did to Batgirl, is high. So far, we’ve heard very little from any of the creatives involved in the film. Now, star Will Forte released a message via social media confirming that the completed film, in which he stars, was actually great. You can read his statement below:

It seems like Will Forte only saw the film after Warner Bros. revealed the news of its impending deletion. He thought that maybe he was in a stinker. After all, no matter how good a script can be sometimes, the final product doesn’t always work. However, according to him, that was not the case with Coyote vs. Acme. He called it “incredible.” Maybe we weren’t just robbed of a good movie thanks to Warner Bros.’ CEO David Zaslav. Maybe they took from us the next Who Framed Roger Rabbit classic. And that should be enough to make everyone who loves movies angry.

A courtroom scene from the completed Coyote vs. Acme film from Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

The movie was about a court case in which Wile E. Coyote sues the Acme company after decades of having their products fail him in capturing that pesky Road Runner. He strikes up a friendship with his lawyer (Will Forte) as they go against the Acme Company’s legal representation, played by John Cena. Despite the star power, Looney Tunes branding, and a story by producer James Gunn, now co-head of DC Studios, Warner Bros. decided to throw it away. Will anything change the mind of David Zaslav at this point? Who can say, but right now, this whole situation just makes us sad.

Originally published on February 29, 2024.

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