A Hamster in a Tiny Bed Is the Pick-Me-Up You Need

Hamsters seem like sweet, cuddly companions—small enough to curl up on the palm of your hand or in a pocket. Having never owned a hamster or guinea pig, I wasn’t aware there’s a whole market for itty-bitty small pet-sized beds made just for them. They’re like the kind you can buy for your cat or dog, just much, much smaller. Amberly Dzimira recently got one of these wee beds for her teddy bear hamster Chip, and I can’t stand how cute the pictures are.

https://twitter.com/Amberly_Dzimira/status/958116561520418816Do you see the one of him watching The Secret Life of Pets?!

He looks like a happy, relaxed hamster in his portable bedroom. He can go anywhere around the house with his owner now, and that seems like a much more fun option than having him far away in an enclosure. These photos of Chip are just the pick-me-up I need to get through the week, but could you imagine having this much adorableness around all the time? I take a lot of photos of my cat, but with a hamster in a bed, I’d have my phone in his face nonstop. I wouldn’t get anything else accomplished.

He’s s handsome and fluffy. He deserves to trend.

If you’re feeling inspired to get your small pet a cozy place to snuggle, you can purchase tiny animal beds from your favorite pet supply shop and on Etsy.

Do you have a tiny pet with a tiny bed? Please leave links to photos in the comments or share them with us on Twitter.

Featured Image: Amberly Dzimira

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