Cosplay Friday #192 – Tyrande, Zelda, and More by Sayakat Cosplay

World of Warcraft costumes are grand and attention-catching by design. The many bold styles in the video game are veritable ambrosia to cosplayers. The ensembles offer armor, fabric, intricate props–they can’t resist. Sayakat Cosplay’s worked in the realm of World of Warcraft, and her take on Tyrande Whisperwind is a show-stopper:

Tyrande Whisperwind (World of Warcraft) | Photo by Rick Currier Photography

I mean, do you see those details? And look at Diablo:

Diablo | Photo by Rick Currier Photography

More photos are in the gallery below. You’ll see how Sayakat kills it over and over in another Warcraft costume (a Blood Elf), Sailor Pluto, and a couple more. You should view her entire costume portfolio though, and you can do so at Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. If you want to watch her working on her costumes, check out her Twitch stream.

Do you cosplay or take photographs of cosplayers? Then I want to see your work so we can talk about highlighting what you do in a future Cosplay Friday gallery. If you’re interested, please go ahead and email me at [email protected] with hi-res photos you’d like me to feature. Be sure to provide credits for the cosplayers or photographers for each image because giving credit is good manners–bonus points if you include links to relevant Facebook pages or websites. Though I wish I knew all the geek franchises, I don’t, so please let me know who or what is being cosplayed–I can usually figure it out, but I’ll take all the help I can get.

Images: Courtesy of Sayakat Cosplay

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