Cosplay Friday #188 – Spider-Man, Captain Fett, and More by NorCal Cap

It seems to me one of the most challenging parts about cosplay is deciding who or what to dress as. You know when you’d get assigned a paper in school and the teacher told you to write about anything you wanted? It’s like that—too many options. One way to narrow it down is to pull costume inspiration from one medium. Tim Hurles, a.k.a. NorCal Cap, mostly sticks to characters from Marvel comics.

He cosplays a straightforward Captain America, but he also has this terrific Star Wars mash-up that combines Cap with Boba Fett:

You can’t go wrong with a take on the classic Spider-Man:

Hop, skip, or use your web shooters to swing on down to the gallery below to see more costumes from Tim and to see how his family joins in on the fun. You’ll find a little Captain America, Spider-Gwen, and more. If you’d like to keep up with Tim’s future costumes and get some helpful tutorial information, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you cosplay or take pictures of cosplayers? Then I would like to see your work so we can talk about highlighting you in a future Cosplay Friday gallery. If you’re interested, please go ahead and email me at [email protected] with hi-res photos you’d like me to feature. Be sure to provide credits for the cosplayers or photographers for each image because giving credit is good manners–bonus points if you include links to relevant Facebook pages or websites. Though I wish I knew all the geek things in the world, I definitely don’t, so please let me know who or what is being cosplayed–I can usually figure it out, but I’ll take all the help I can get.

Images: Courtesy of Tim Hurles

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