Corrupted Tarot Project Unites 70 Artists for Deck With a Twist

In all honesty, Kickstarter offers a home for two primary nerdy food groups. Which ones? Well, enamel pins and tarot cards, of course. The advent of Halloween season also means the time has come for all things magical. And Wyrmwood Gaming wants to help you make your next impulse buy. On offer? A set of incredible tarot cards with a twist entitled Corrupted Tarot.

The Corrupted Tarot Deck - The Tower Card, The Hanged Man Card, and The Lovers Card, dark versions of a standard card

The Kickstarter shares:

Welcome to our Corrupted Collection III: Corrupted Tarot by Wyrmwood. Every year on Halloween, Wyrmwood launches a project in honor of the spooky season. In past campaigns we have featured some incredible work from artists like Crystal Sully and Frank Frazetta. However, this campaign brings that to a whole new level. We have brought together over seventy artists to create a delightfully corrupted deck of Tarot Cards.

Seventy artists equate to a whole lot of artists. And the cards themselves feature all of their incredible talents. So if you practice, these tarot cards will make for an incredible tool to help focus your intentions. But even if you don’t, tarot decks offer 78 stunning art pieces in every package.

However, the theming of this tarot deck takes the cards to a whole new level. The creators explain:

In the Corrupted Tarot, the Major Arcana cards have been reversed and their darker natures revealed, but it’s important to remember that, like any fairy tale or constellation or myth, this story is still meant to help us navigate out of the darkness. Our guides may just be a little frightening.

In essence, the Corrupted Tarot deck reveals new sides to traditional tarot fixtures. Tarot with a twist. In tarot, each card has an understood meaning. But this deck offers darker or different perspectives on the cards

For instance, the suit of swords has traditionally symbolized the darkest of all suits. But this deck seeks to remind us it also “contains some of the most beautiful blessings. Inspiration, rationality, justice, and forgiveness all have their home in the suit of Swords as well.”

And in contrast, the suit of cups often appears as the most joyous cards in a tarot deck. But the Corrupted Tarot deck looks at them through a new lens. Here, the “Cups cards…dive into a world of emotional isolation, where every individual stands alone. The realm of the Fae is reflected strongly in our corrupted Cups: capricious, cruel, and cold-hearted, these predatory creatures feel too deeply and too wildly, but still cannot connect with each other.”

Take a glance at some of the gorgeous cards on offer. The artists have also shared all of their artwork on Corrupted Tarot’s official website.

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This Kickstarter was funded in just twenty minutes. You can support this tarot with a twist from now until Halloween.

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