New CORALINE Funko Pops! Are Other World-ly

The latest figures from Funko prove you don’t always have to be careful what you wish for, because they are other world-ly.

The six new additions to the Pop! lineup will safely transport you to one of our favorite stories, Coraline. And they are…..wait for it…..waaait for it……..waaaaiiit for it…..cute as a button.

Funko announced on their blog the latest addition to their Pop lineup, and they will transport you to the Other World, without having to worry about having your soul consumed (just your bank account). Coraline herself is getting multiple figures, including one of her dressed in her starry shirt with her black cat Wybie by her side, and another with her wearing her iconic yellow raincoat.

New CORALINE Funko Pops! Are Other World-ly_1

She is also getting a special Chase variation which also features her in her rain hat.

New CORALINE Funko Pops! Are Other World-ly_2

But you’ll want to keep her safe from buttoned-up rest of the lineup, which features Other Mother and Mr. Bobinsky, who is accompanied by his trained circus mouse.

New CORALINE Funko Pops! Are Other World-ly_3

No Coraline collection would be complete though without a doll, which is why our favorite figure might be this version of Coraline with button eyes and string hair.

New CORALINE Funko Pops! Are Other World-ly_4

These figures won’t be available until September, so it’s a good thing we can hold ourselves over until then by reliving that time (a.k.a. last week) at San Diego Comic-Con when Coraline author Neil Gaiman gave us a personal tour of the Laika Live exhibit.

Okay we were wrong, experiencing that again just has us more eager to get these Pop figures. Think they already have them in the Other World?

Which figure do you most want to take home? Tell us in the comments below.

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