C Is for Crowdfunding a Life-Sized Cookie Monster

Whether you’ve loved Sesame Street since you were a kid, or you’re endlessly entertained by their pop culture savvy and humor as an adult, chances are you have at least one favorite character. We’d bet our cookies that it’s Cookie Monster. So would Hasbro’s Haslab, and they want to give you the chance to take one of your favorite fuzzy friends home with you in their latest crowdfunding campaign.

Hasbro Senior Product Design Manager Bill Rawley is leading the charge to get a total of 3000 backers for the project. In celebration of 50 years of Sesame Street, the team chatted with Muppet fans before deciding that Cookie Monster was the best companion to bring you some sunny days. Cookie is a fully posable, 30 inch tall replica of the classic Sesame Street character. Haslab has paid attention to every detail from fingers to toes, including Cookie’s soft blue fur to his perfectly googly eyes.

C Is for Crowdfunding a Life-Sized Cookie Monster_1

Rawley obtained those details following some one-on-one time from the actual Cookie Monster himself, which Rawley describes as “truly an unforgettable moment”. He took measurements in order to make their version as true to life as possible. With a full skeleton, blue plush, and fur, Cookie Monster weighs in at 10 pounds of soft, squishable fun. While the replica is pricey at about $300, this lovable monster is truly a collector’s item that the entire family can enjoy.

If you’ve ever dreamed of hugging one of your favorite Sesame Street or Muppet characters, this is probably as close to the real thing that 3000 people can get. (We’re not the only ones who’ve dreamed of a Cookie Monster hug, right?)

The campaign is running from now until the end of the day on August 25, 2019. If the campaign is successful, Cookie Monster will be nom-nom-nomming in homes by spring 2020.

All Images: Hasbro

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