CONNECTED Dives Into the Hidden Science All Around Us

Science nerds rejoice! It’s always great to have a new series to expand your knowledge, right? Netflix is delivering a new documentary to satisfy your never-ending curiosity about how science shows up in our world. Connected premieres on August 2 with a worldwide journey to discover the ways we intertwine with each other.

Science reporter and show host Latif Nasser will trek around the globe (before COVID-19 times, obviously) to see how our air, our Internet habits, and even our bodily functions can be connected to seemingly unrelated events. It will explore how shipwrecks, election drama, galaxies, and more play a role in our daily life. The connections are sure to be thought-provoking.

Connected Netflix artwork of several photos around the world


The trailer dives a bit more into what fans can expect. It’s humorous, intriguing, and will make you want to tune in. The Connected docuseries will drop 6 45-minute episodes so it’s perfect for a weekend marathon watching session. Nasser jokes about where the queen’s poop goes, Beyoncé and Benford’s Law, and an elevator joke for good measure. Let’s just say that Latif Nasser’s job is fun, cool, and makes us feel no pangs of jealousy at all.

Connected’s trailer drops a couple of interesting facts in just a couple of minutes. For example, did you know that a single Google search takes the same amount of energy as a standard LED lightbulb that’s on for three minutes? The clouds in the sky relate to cloud storing our data. The Sahara Desert’s dust somehow nourishes the Amazon rainforest. That string of knowledge may not improve your life but it can impress your family and friends for sure.

The Netflix content continues to march on somehow. But we are here for it! Get ready to tune into Connected and learn more about our incredible and dynamic planet.

Featured Image: Netflix

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