Feel the Dark Side with Replica ‘The Stranger’ Helmet from THE ACOLYTE

Call him Qimir. Call him “The Stranger.” But Manny Jacinto’s dark side warrior from The Acolyte has captured everyone’s attention. And not just for being the sexiest (and most naked) bad guy in Star Wars history. Although that helps. We may not know if he’s a Sith, or a Knight of Ren, or what. But we do know that the sinister-looking lightsaber-proof helmet he wears is already iconic. And now, fans can have one of their own with Hasbro Pulse’s Star Wars: Black Series The Stranger Electronic Helmet. You can check out several images in our gallery below:

This officially licensed roleplay item is based on The Stranger’s helmet featured in Star Wars: The Acolyte, and the design features Welcome Light FX. Fans and collectors can soon go full dark side and wear this highly detailed sculpt themselves. The Stranger helmet includes padding for an adjustable fit for most head sizes. Of course, you can just choose to display it, right alongside your Darth Vader, stormtrooper, or Mandalorian helmets. One thing we’ve learned, the Star Wars galaxy has no shortage of is badass-looking headgear. The Stranger replica helmet sets you back $99.99, with a limit of just three per customer.

Front and side views of Hasbro's Star Wars Black Series The Stranger replica helmet from The Acolyte.

In The Acolyte, we learn that The Stranger’s helmet is made of a substance called cortosis, which is resistant to lightsaber blows. That’s a deep-cut reference, as the metal first appeared in a Star Wars novel many years ago. It’s similar to beskar steel on The Mandalorian, which is also lightsaber-resistant. While it’s safe to assume that this replica helmet is not made from any alien exotic metals, and instead just common Earth plastics, it doesn’t make it any less cool looking. So join the dark side, and head on over to the Hasbro Pulse site and pre-order this incredible replica helmet.

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