Coca-Cola Teams with LEAGUE OF LEGENDS for New ‘XP’ Flavor

Coca-Cola Creations is the soft drink company’s line of innovative limited-edition flavors. But it doesn’t focus on normal flavor crossovers. It has let us drink computer pixels, the stars, and even dreams. Surprisingly most of them tastes like soda mixed with a hard-to-identify fruit. But we have no idea what to expect from the experimental platform’s newest release. Because when you partner with League of Legends the only things we expect to taste is either a sweet victory or a bitter defeat.

The world’s most famous soda brand wants you to enjoy “the XP.” You might have no idea what that even means, or you’ve won enough experience points in your life to totally get it. Either way it’s not exactly clear what this Coca-Cola Ultimate concoction (that we first heard about at DesignTAXI) will deliver in terms of flavor. All we can go on is past releases. And most Creations sodas range from decent to genuinely excellent.

We do know the black and gold bottles and cans take their inspiration directly from Riot Games’ League of Legends. They fittingly feature a blue crystal based that’s based on a magical in-game technology known as Hextech. It makes it possible to combine both elemental and spirit magic together to make items everyone can use, not just those with arcane.

Two gold and black cans of Coca-Cola's League of Legends flavor next to text and a Coca-Cola Creations logo

Again, you either know exactly what that all means or you don’t. But as far as inspirations for a video game/soda crossover go, that’s as good as you’ll find. Plus, you can drink a soda even if you’ve never played a video game in your life. No one can stop you. Not even Cassiopeia.

The limited release comes in both regular and Zero Sugar. Meanwhile League of Legends fans will also be able to get in on the fun by completing in-game missions where they can earn limited edition emotes. Those will be available starting July 18. Maybe by then we’ll have figured out what XP actually tastes like.

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