Coca-Cola’s Dreamworld Drink Tastes Like Unlimited Imagination

If Coca-Cola announced a new limited-edition flavor but simply called it “Fruity Coca-Cola,” we probably never would have told you about it. Instead the soft drink company called it Starlight, announced it had the flavor of the cosmos, and released it under its special Coca-Cola Creations label. And you better believe we covered that. Silly? Obviously. But a dash of mystery is an effective marketing tool. I know because I drank the stuff for two months after reporting on it. All of which to say is that even though we have no idea what the latest special Creations concoction tastes like, we’re all in on it. Because Coca-Cola Dreamworld sounds too ridiculous not to try.

A floating bottle of Coca-Cola Dreamworld

Coca-Cola’s latest—-and final—2022 Creations release is the platform’s the most abstract yet. And that’s really saying something. The last one “tasted” like computer pixels. How can you get less specific than that? In a release the company says Coca-Cola Dreamworld “bottles up the technicolor tastes and surrealism of the subconscious with an invitation to savor the magic of everyday moments and dream with open eyes.”

That description is…uh…totally meaningless! But don’t worry, the beverage behemoth clarified exactly what the soda’s flavor actually is. It said the drink “adds playfully vibrant flavor notes that evoke the boundless creativity of the human imagination to the unmistakable taste of Coca-Cola.”

Ah, now we have it. It’s Coca-Cola mixed with unlimited imagination. Of course.

There’s obviously a lot we don’t know about this. But how it’s not a promotional tie-in with Netflix’s The Sandman might be the most confusing.

You want have to visit Morpheus to buy some, though. Coca-Cola Dreamworld and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Dreamworld will arrive in the US and Canada starting on August 15. In the United States that will mean 20-ounce bottles and 7.5-ounce mini cans multipacks. And in Canada you’ll find 500-ml bottles and multipacks of 300-ml bottles. 

If you get a chance to drink this, please tell us what it tastes like. We’ve never drank a dream before.

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