COBRA KAI’s Sixth and Final Season Begins Production

The beginning of the end is here. That sounds dire, but it’s actually joyous. Cobra Kai treated us to five seasons that not only let us revel in nostalgia done right but also offered us a brand-new story that stood all on its own. The time has come for this good thing to end, though, because the final season of this Karate Kid series has arrived. We learned last year that Cobra Kai‘s season six would be its last. But the series is going out on its own terms, in the place that makes the most sense for its story. Throughout the seasons of Cobra Kai, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso became allies in a way that touched our hearts. And now they have one last great adventure before them. One we’ll soon see take shape because Cobra Kai season six is officially in production.

Netflix wants us to know that reminds us that “Cobra Kai is officially back in production filming the biggest, the baddest, the final season.” And we believe it. Cobra Kai‘s action has only improved and intensified as its seasons passed. So, we feel sure no punches will get pulled for this final outing. In the above video, the cast welcomes us to the start of Cobra Kai season six’s production. They tease plenty of surprises and the huge scale of the story to come. But even though they all really want to give us some spoilers, lips are well-zipped. But, they all promise to see us in the dojo, and we guess that’s enough.

Cobra Kai season six final season officially in production William Zabka

Though final seasons can feel hard, six seasons is a massive achievement for any show these days. We’re proud of what our ’80s favs and their new friends have accomplished. Cobra Kai‘s final season, here we come.

Cobra Kai final season begins production Ralph Macchio

What Is the Release Date for Cobra Kai Season 6?

Cobra Kai season six officially in producton Martin Kove

We don’t yet know when season six of Cobra Kai will land. But in the meantime, Netflix invites us to check out seasons one through five.

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