Win a Halloween Heist with CLUE: BROOKLYN NINE-NINE

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming to an end. Soon Jake, Amy, Boyle, Holt, Terry, and Rosa will solve their last case. As Sully and Hitchcock watch them work while stuffing their faces. But even though the beloved sitcom is ready to close its last file, you don’t have to say goodbye. Brooklyn’s finest now have their very own edition of Clue. And it’s a lot less sinister, and a lot more fun, than the traditional version of the game.

A complete set up of Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine in front of the game's boxThe Op

Hasbro and The Op’s new Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine takes board game players to the 99th Precinct. Not just on any old night though. It’s the best night of the year, Halloween. You won’t be solving a grisly murder either. The gang is holding one of their classic heists. And you have to find the real prize to win.

“It’s Halloween, and the officers of Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct have planned the heist of all heists to determine who really deserves the title of The Ultimate Human/Genius! Taking on the roles of Jake Peralta, Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, and Raymond Holt, work to solve the mystery of WHO last had the trophy, WHICH trophy is secretly the ultimate trophy, and WHERE they’ve stashed it!”

Instead of a ballroom and conservatory, players will search through nine memorable spots at the station. The game’s custom board includes The Bullpen, Captain Holt’s Office, The Break Room, Evidence Lock-Up, and more.

A Rosa Diaz game token in front of a championship cummerbund token on the Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine board gameThe Op

The game also includes six Suspect Movers, six Personality Cards, 21 Rumor Cards, 25 Intrigue Cards, a score pad, envelope, dice, and six tokens. Fans of the show will recognize those tokens: Scully’s medical bracelet, Holt’s watch, the heist plaque, Holt’s Medal of Valor, a crown, and a championship cummerbund.

Designed for ages eight and up, the 2-6 player game has an estimated runtime of an hour plus. You can get your copy now at The Op for $39.99. Anyone who busts this out at a Brooklyn Nine-Nine series finale party will definitely be the Ultimate Amazing Human/Genius.

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