Citizen’s Dark Side STAR WARS Watches Keep You Marching on Time

If you’re a part of Star Wars‘ Galactic Empire, we imagine there’s a lot to do. There are red lightsabers to polish, meetings you don’t want to be late to with various Darths, and a lot of menacing and marching that needs to happen across the galaxy. To keep your Imperial March on schedule, Citizen Watch has a whole host of dark side timepieces that will not only help ensure you don’t keep Darth Vader waiting, but will let you tell time in high style that will make you the envy of everyone near, far, and far, far, away. The latest watch to join Citizen’s Star Wars collection is the Imperial Stormtrooper watch. And let me tell you, stormtrooping has never seemed cooler.

Citizen Dark Side Star Wars Watches

Citizen Watch’s New Imperial Stormtrooper Timepiece

Stormtroopers don’t really get to accessorize their uniforms, at least not that we see. But we bet if Darth Vader got a look at this new Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper watch from Citizen, he would bend this en-force-d rule just a little. Who wouldn’t want their armies to march forward wearing this stylish piece?

Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper citizen watch front

The official page for the product shares, “The fearsome power of the Galactic Empire’s elite shock troops is commandingly expressed in the new STAR WARS™ | Citizen Imperial Stormtrooper watch. The dial features three iconic white “buckethead” helmets on a deep black background overlaid with a grid pattern that creates a 3D effect. A special Star Wars inspired font was created for the numeric markers, which are luminous, along with the hands and helmets.”

Star Wars imperial stormtrooper citizen watch glowing and back

Translation: this Star Wars Citizen watch is just plain cool. We love the 3D effect in the background, which makes us feel like we’re about to jump through hyperspace. And let me tell you, “luminous” does not even begin to cover the cool glow-in-the-dark special effect the watch creates. It’s like having a little Star Wars movie on your wrist. We can’t quite summon pillars of light into our hands like Jedi yet, but being able to manifest a little glow gives us some of that thrill.

Other Dark Side Star Wars Watches From Citizen: Death Star, Darth Maul, and More

Of course, stormtroopers aren’t the only members of the dark side who want to help you tell the time. Citizen has some of the most iconic figures from Star Wars ready to grace your wrist. We all know the dark side has more fun and look the coolest. In addition to the new Imperial Stormtroopers watch, you can also check out Citizen’s Death Star 2, Duel, Darth Maul, and not one but two Darth Vader watches. Each Star Wars watch features a different engraved back, which contains a fun image or quote. And some of them have their own unique glows. These little details really make the watches feel carefully designed for Star Wars fans. (And, okay, okay, if these aren’t the watches you were looking for, there are also light side Star Wars watches on Citizen’s page.)

You can check out the best of the dark side below.

The March to May the 4th

The new Imperial Stormtrooper watch from Citizen is a part of a greater Star Wars effort to help us all “March to May the 4th.” This year, the villains are taking center stage. (But also, blue milk is involved.) But you can’t march if you’re not on time, so strap on your dark side watch and let’s go.

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