Cinnabon Is Selling Pints of Frosting for First Time Ever

It takes a lot of willpower to avoid stopping at Cinnabon every time you go to the mall. The delicious, intoxicating aroma of the chain’s cinnamon rolls permeates throughout the entire complex. But if you thought it was hard to ignore while shopping, wait until you have to fight the temptation of opening up your fridge. Cinnabon is now selling its frosting in take-home pints for the first time ever.

This holiday season you can enjoy the taste of a Cinnabon roll without leaving your home. The food chain is selling its Signature Cream Cheese Frosting in a limited-edition pint. It’s the first time they have ever made their own frosting available for customers to take home on its own. You can use it to make your own cinnamon rolls, or on any other recipe that calls for frosting. Or, you know, recipes that would be improved by its presence. We’re already dreaming of putting it on pancakes. And also eating it with a spoon. What? It’s been a long year, okay?

Cinnabon Selling Pints of its Frosting for First Time Ever_1Cinnabon

“More so this year and especially during the holidays, cooking at home and enjoying meals together are central to how families are spending their time,” said Karyn Sarago, the company’s chief marketing officer, in a press release. “Cinnabon fans know our signature frosting makes our classic cinnamon rolls and holiday favorite PecanBon cinnamon roll oh-so-craveable—and now fans can bring that same frosting home as the perfect accompaniment to holiday cooking, baking and holiday movie watching, to enhance the simple pleasures, smells, tastes and homemade love that make this time of year so special.”

The limited-edition pints are part of Cinnabon’s partnership with Freeform. The network will provide recipes you can use the frosting with during its annual 25 Days of Christmas movie event. Scanning the Freeform 25 Days of Christmas QR code on the pint’s lid, or by visiting Recipes include:

  • Frosting-Topped Sweet Potato: A new way to enjoy a classic holiday side dish
  • Frosting-Swirled Brownies: A sweet twist on a favorite baked treat
  • Frosting Herb Garlic Cheese Ball: The perfect appetizer for your holiday gatherings
  • Frosting Snowballs: Cake balls that can be enjoyed individually or stacked together to make little snowmen.

Cinnabon Selling Pints of its Frosting for First Time Ever_2Cinnabon

Signature Cream Cheese Frosting pints ($5.99) are available at Cinnabon mall bakeries nationwide. You can also order yours from food delivery providers. And if you can’t get enough Cinnabon, the company also announced some new holiday swag. You can pick up a Retro Ringer Tee with the original Cinnabon logo, Tie-Dye Crop Hoodie featuring the company’s cinnamon roll, and a Sticker Sheet.

Good luck when you’re wearing or using any of them, though. It’s just going to make you think of Cinnabon. And it’s a lot harder to avoid eating too much frosting when it’s just in your fridge and not at the mall.

Featured Image: Cinnabon

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