Christopher Lloyd Shares a Time PSA with Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo

The Adam Project is now on Netflix. It stars Ryan Reynolds as a time traveler who goes back and meets his younger 12-year-old self. The film also features Mark Ruffalo as his dad. Both actors are well familiar with Hollywood’s time twisting trope. Each of them have played superheroes who have traveled back in time to save the day. But there are some performers who know even more about that classic sci-fi concept. So, with their new film hitting the streaming site the same weekend that we “spring forward” with Daylight Saving Time, they recruited one of those actors to talk all about it. Because when it comes to time travel you can’t do better than the man who brought Back to the Future‘s Doc Brown to life, Christopher Lloyd.

Deadpool and the Incredible Hulk both know two things. One is the awesome opportunities that come with time travel. The other is that Daylight Saving is dumb. What’s not dumb, though, is the “epic” PSA Christopher Lloyd offered about what “time” really means.

It’s not only his role in the Back to the Future trilogy that makes him an expert, though. At 83 years old he knows “life is about moving forward.” And damn if he doesn’t have the gravitas to turn an otherwise silly video into something memorable.

Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo in an empty studio introducing Christopher Lloyd in a The Adam Project promo
Ryan Reynolds

Of course, when they’re not worried about the clock, actors also have to worry about finding clever ways to promote your new film. Which Ryan Reynolds continues to do in ways only he can.

This strangely moving promotion definitely qualifies. As do the other special videos Reynolds has shared for The Adam Project. Like one with his young co-star Walker Scobell selling Kraft Mac & Cheese with a side of crass.

That’s not quite as touching as Christopher Lloyd’s screed about time. But it’s still an important promo whether you see the film this weekend or not. Because while you watched it, at least you didn’t have to think about losing an hour of sleep on Sunday. And moving the clock forward is dumb. Unless you have a time machine.

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