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Chris Pratt to Voice Garfield in New Movie… I Hate Mondays

Get ready for… more news about Chris Pratt you could not have seen coming. Fresh off the bombshell that Pratt would voice Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated film, The Hollywood Reporter has shared that Chris Pratt will also voice Garfield in an upcoming animated movie starring the famous cat.

Honestly, we still haven’t recovered from the first announcement. And neither has the internet. I’m not sure anyone was ready for this next round of Pratt-related news. While it makes a little more sense for Pratt to voice Garfield than it does Mario—after all, Garfield does not happen to be Italian. It still seems odd. Pratt honestly seems more like he’d make for a good Jonathan Q. Arbuckle to us.

But casting is as casting does. We definitely will have our cat ears up for who else gets cast in this film.

Chris Pratt to voice Garfield, split image of Garfield in bed and Chris Pratt making a funny face

Sony Pictures will release this film from Alcon Entertainment worldwide (excluding China). Mark Dindal will direct the movie. And David Reynolds penned the script. Reynolds worked on Finding Nemo, and together, the duo worked on The Emperor’s New Groove. That’s a promising pair. But we still feel a bit confused by the Pratt situation.

Only time will tell if Pratt can fully embody the original grumpy cat. And given Garfield has been around since 1978, that’s one big sleeping box to fill. One thing we can say for sure. Garfield has produced great memes and internet content for years, and Chris Pratt has too. So the internet is about to have a field day with this one. We look forward to seeing exactly how things unroll.

Just no more news on Mondays, please. We seriously don’t know if we can handle another tidal wave of Pratt-related casting. It could finally break the internet… Not to mention our brains.

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