Chris Pine Was ‘Stunned’ By WONDER WOMAN 3 Cancellation

Chris Pine recently expressed some strong emotions about the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3, even though he wouldn’t have been in the movie himself. He shared, “I’m stunned that they said no to a billion-dollar franchise and decided to pivot elsewhere… I don’t know what the reasoning was behind that; it’s above my pay grade, but Wonder Woman is an incredible character. Patty [Jenkins] is such a thoughtful director.”

chris pine star trek shocked/stunned at Wonder Woman 3 cancellation
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Pine also revealed that at first, he resisted joining the movie. “I had no interest in playing the boyfriend, and it sounded like second fiddle,” He shared, “Then, in talking to Patty, the way she described it was, ‘Forget the superhero of it all, this is a romance, this is ‘Casablanca,’ that’s the movie I want to make.’ I was like, oh, now that is very cool because when have you seen a superhero film that was a love story, ultimately? That had nothing to do with blowing shit up.”

Of course, he added, his character, Steve Trevor, would not be involved in any way with Wonder Woman 3, so his wonderment is purely on behalf of the franchise. He noted, “Me. No. Homie is dead. Steve is gonzo. It would be ridiculous to try to bring me back.”

Of course, Hollywood has done more ridiculous things. But, while Wonder Woman 3 won’t be back, we’re excited for James Gunn’s DCU Paradise Lost series, which will take place in Wonder Woman’s home,  Themyscira. Hopefully, we’ll also see more of Pine in Star Trek 4, should it manage to finally take off, and more of Patty Jenkins in her revived Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie.

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