Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic

If you’re wondering just what Chris Hemsworth has lined up post Avengers: Endgame, now you have your answer, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Thor will now be playing Hulk. Hulk Hogan, that is.

According to the report, Hemsworth will star as the wrestling legend—real name Terry Gene Bollea—who became a household fixture back in the ’80s with the WWF. The biopic will be helmed by Todd Phillips, the director and writer of the upcoming  The Joker. Also producing this one is Bradley Cooper, who famously worked with Phillips in The Hangover trilogy (and Hemsworth in Infinity War). Instead of going the theatrical route, this one is headed straight for Netflix.

Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Netflix Biopic_1

The movie will apparently focus on Hulk Hogan’s rise to fame as wrestler, who then became a national celebrity known to people who never even watched a minute of World Wrestling Federation. Once upon a time, “Hulkamania” ruled the land, and Hogan’s face lined magazine covers, cereal boxes, and he even had a Saturday morning cartoon series at the peak of his fame. Hulk Hogan is known to modern audiences for being a reality TV star and an all-around media figure, as opposed to just for wrestling.

Of course, the past several years have found Hulk Hogan mired in public scandals, including a sex tape which ended his marriage and several endorsements, as well as incidents with his son Nick driving while intoxicated. Notably, as part of personal recordings that leaked during this period, Hogan unleashed a racist rant that tarnished his reputation forever None of these things will be covered in this new biopic though, as they seem to want to focus on Hulk’s rise to fame and glory days, and that’s it. So don’t expect Chris Hemsworth’s version of The Wrestler here, folks.

Images: Marvel Studios

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