That Actually Was Chris Hemsworth Answering Questions All Across the Internet

Last month on Quora we came across a series of questions about Chris Hemsworth that while fun weren’t particularly notable, except for the fact the actor himself really took the time to answer them. He discussed a wide range of topics with a mixture of honesty and absurdity, from the specifics of his workout routine, to how he got the role of Thor, to the most important issue of them all–who would win an arm wrestling match between him and Chris Evans. It was some unexpectedly wonderful internet silliness, but until now we didn’t know just how great it was, because it turns out he was all over the web replying to fans as part of GQ‘s “Actually Me” series. And watching him surprise people on the internet is even better than reading about it.

Gee, it’s really hard to figure out how this guy become one of the biggest stars in the world…

In addition to the fan queries on Quora, Hemsworth also logged in as himself on, YouTube, IMDb, and Twitter, which is how the world now knows vital information like how he got started in acting, whether or not he is ticklish, his childhood nickname, how tall he really is, and whether he would rather box or master kung fu.

And now thanks to this video we will forever  refer to him as an “Australien.” What? He said it was fine.

That was actually him.

If you could ask Chris Hemsworth any question what would you like to know? Share your best potential inquiry in our comments section below.

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