The Chris Evans Puppy Interview Is Pure Joy

There may be no one alive on earth who loves puppies as much as Chris Evans does. His pure adoration for his dog Dodger is documented all across his social media. And that love seems to extend to all canine kind. So it’s not a suprise fans have been clamoring for Chris Evans to do a puppy interview for a long time. And Chris Evans himself has raised his hand to say, he kind of likes the sound of that. We can’t believe this hasn’t happened already, because puppy interviews are the best things ever. But now the moment has finally come. To all who celebrate… Happy Chris Evans Puppy Interview Day!

Chris Evans. Check. Puppies. Check. Pure unadulturated joy. Check. And check again. As Chris Evans shared after finishing his interview, “No other interview will ever compare. I still smell like puppies. (I don’t remember if I answered a single question. Got lost in puppy gazes.)” And honestly, do the questions even matter for a puppy interview?

Chris Evans giving a puppy interview

No, what matters is that we get to enjoy one of our favorite leading men having his day made by a bunch of adorable creatures. And it doesn’t get any closer to wholly good than that. We could truly watch Chris Evans give a puppy interview every day. Who cares if we’d never get any actual responses? We’re as distracted as Chris Evans by all the puppy mayhem (and, of course, by Chris Evans). Puppies are greater than any answers we could imagine.

So, if you’re feeling down today, just check out the way Chris Evans absolutely melts when a pile of puppies gets close. We knew Chris Evans loved dogs, but this feels more like pure concentrated magic. And it reaches out and touches us all. May we all always be as happy as Chris Evans when a puppy or two get close.

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