Chris Cornell Once Wore the Best Soundgarden-Inspired Halloween Costume Ever

It’s still wild to think that grunge luminary Chris Cornell is no longer with us, but now that the initial shock of the tragedy is beginning to pass, we can look back at that the rock great left us. There’s all the music, whether it was with Soundgarden or Audioslave or his solo material, and to those who knew him personally, there are memories of what a kind and charming figure he was.

For example, Heart’s Ann Wilson was a friend of Cornell’s, and in a recent piece in Rolling Stone, she wrote about what her friend meant to her, and shared a particularly hilarious memory about what Cornell wore to a Halloween party where the theme was to dress as your favorite song ( via Stereogum):

“I used to have a themed Halloween party every year and I remembered one time, the theme was to come dressed as your favorite song. Chris came as “Black Hole Sun.” He arrived wearing these huge platform boots that made him like, 6’3″, and wore this huge yellow costume with papier-mâché around his head as the sun. His face was completely blacked out. He had a great sense of humor. But it was just after the song came out, when [Soundgarden] was just experiencing the first real tremors of what it was like to be famous.”

In an ultimate power move, dude went dressed as his own song. Apparently, he was funnier than most of us probably realized. Wilson also wrote about the toll that fame took on Cornell, so read more about that here, and let us know if you’ve heard any other entertaining Cornell stories in recent days.

Featured image: BB Gun Press

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