CHOOSE OR DIE Trailer Includes a Not-So-Rad Yet Killer ’80s Horror Game

After the events of the Jumanji franchise, you would think that people would be very careful about messing with creepy throwback games. Well, unless they are looking to end up in a cursed place, whether in the game or in real life. Apparently the people in the new Netflix film Choose or Die either didn’t get that memo. Or Jumanji doesn’t exist in their world. Or maybe they are just not very bright. It’s unfortunate for them but, for us, it will be a horror thriller adventure with a throwback twist. The Choose or Die trailer is an unnerving peek into how an ‘80s video game rips through reality. What happens if a “choose your adventure” game could force people into making horrible decisions that affect our world? 


A man (Eddie Marsan) sits down and listens to a cassette tape. A voice comes through, which belongs to none other than Robert Englund, as he stares at retro game graphics on a computer screen. The voice says that he is worthy and “reality is cursed.” Yikes. The game’s name is Curs>r and he appears to lose it a bit after it asks him to do a heinous task or die. I would be remiss if I didn’t note the very nice touch of a Nightmare on Elm Street poster in the background. We then meet Kayla (Iola Evans), a young woman who is down on her luck. She’s been fired from her job and is facing eviction.

photo of a throwback computer screen with a screaming face and the words level complete from choose or die netflix trailer

Kayla links up with her friend Isaac (Asa Butterfield) who has the Curs>r game in a box. There is an unclaimed $125,000 prize if the player can last five days and lift the curse. Of course, their plan is to link up later that night at Wilkes and get this money. Things go awry when the game seems to know their reality and asks them to do things. It seems innocent at first, asking Kayla if she will have coffee or cake. But as the Choose or Die trailer continues, it escalates to more violent outcomes. And Kayla must choose an option lest she wants to die. Apparently, the more the player suffers the more the game thrives. Murder and mayhem will ensue. Very entertaining Bandersnatchy stuff

Choose or Die will hit Netflix on April 15 for your throwback horror game pleasure.

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