The Rumors of Choco Tacos’ Demise Are Sadly True

You might have heard that a delicious ice cream treat from your childhood has met its untimely end. Reports were flooding social media that the Choco Taco, a tasty treat that was a staple of ice cream trucks since 1984, was ceasing production. Via The Takeout, we learned that the source of these reports was an ice cream truck operator named Sno Cone Joe. He posted an email exchange with Klondike, the parent company of Choco Taco. And they broke the bad news to him. You can see down below what they told him.

We’re sorry to have to share some sad news; Klondike ChocoTacos has been discontinued. We know how disappointing it is when your favorite frozen dessert isn’t available anymore. It’s always a tough decision for us to discontinue a product, especially when we hear from fans like you that really enjoyed it

Still, even with all that, some people thought the email exchange might be a hoax. The reason for this is that whoever wrote the email said “ChocoTacos” as one word. That doesn’t imply that the author of that email worked for Klondike, since they would know Choco Taco is, in fact, two words. But the journalist from The Takeout actually did the legwork to find out what’s going on. They contacted the customer service call center, who told them that indeed, they’ve discontinued the Choco Taco. The bad news came straight from the source. So let’s pour one out for real one.

Choco Tacos

Of course, sometimes you need to take something away to make people appreciate it more. Making Choco Tacos go the way of the dinosaur means they can triumphantly celebrate the return of Choco Tacos in a few years’ time. But for now, the only Chaco Tacos exist in your childhood memories of summer, running out when you hear the sound of the ice cream truck on your street. R.I.P. Chaco Taco. We’ll always remember you, you sweet delicious confections.

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