Chlorosulfonic Acid Eats Through Tangerines Like Xenomorph Blood

The best defense is a good offense, as the old adage goes, or you can just have acid blood, like the xenomorphs (yes, little “x”) from the Alien franchise do. But the xeno’s acid blood, which is so dangerous “you don’t dare kill” the thing it runs through, is totally fictional. Chlorosulfonic acid, on the other hand, is real and quite destructive. (Side note: don’t get it on your other hand!)

Chemistry Flicks, a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to finding out what happens “when every day [sic] objects are exposed to some of the world’s most dangerous chemicals…” has poured superacids on everything from phones to dog toys. But this video of chlorosulfonic acid absolutely annihilating a tangerine looks especially like xenomorph blood eating its way through… anything. Xenomorph blood from Alien. Image: 20th Century Fox

Chlorosulfonic acid, for those who aren’t up to speed on their super dangerous inorganic compounds, is a superacid — because it has a greater acidity than 100% pure sulfuric acid — used in the creation of detergents, and as a chemical intermediate. Chlorosulfonic “reacts violently” with water, yielding sulfuric acid (the chemical used in cleaning agents and drain cleaners) and hydrogen chloride gas, dangerous by itself. The result: straight-up facehugger blood, man! Definitely something you don’t want anywhere near your starfreighter and its many hulls.

What do you think about chlorosulfonic acid and its likeness to xenomorph acid blood? What else would you want to see melted like a backstabbing Ash? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: YouTube / Chemistry Flicks

How acidic is xenomorph blood?

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