Knock, knock, knock on the gates of hell—Sabrina’s back with more spells. Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 is bringing more dark humor and drama on January 24 and fans have been hype for a trailer since the announcement. The excitement intensified a few days ago when the show’s Twitter page hinted that something cool was coming on January 9, which obviously meant a spooky trailer, right? Well, not really. The series surprised everyone with a very catchy song, aptly titled “Straight to Hell,” and a music video to match. It doesn’t tell you a lot about what’s coming next, but it might finally get “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” out of your head.

According to clip’s post on Twitter, “Straight to Hell” is the brainchild of Lovecraft, a collective of seven songwriters who make witchy bops. And this song is indeed a straight up bop. The video starts off with Sabrina in a red cloak holding a lantern as she starts singing about knocking on the gates of hell in an eerie voice. Suddenly, the beat gets super pop and Sabrina, Prudence, Harvey, Theo, Roz, and Nick, who is shirtless and in chains, dance and strike poses in front of pentagrams and fire.

Sabrina sings about knowing there is a sacrifice for fighting but she’s a “ real bad witch that won’t give up.” The half-mortal protagonist also states that “Satan always gets his way” but she will not play the devil’s game. The chorus remarks that Sabrina will go straight to hell (literally) for love.

Sabrina Spellman decks the halls in her Netflix Holiday special.


There are several clips from the series interspersed among the fun, including Sabrina throwing a punch while covered in blood. Ambrose and Prudence are also seen looking at a map while the latter cuts her hand, allowing blood to spill on the paper. In the end, she embraces who she thinks is Nick, but it’s not him at all. She wakes up in bed and stares into the camera with a terrified look on her face.

What did we just watch? We don’t know, but it was incredibly fun. What does it mean for the show? Maybe they are testing the waters to do a musical episode or simply wanting to get people talking, whether it’s good or bad. It’s not clear if there will be a classic trailer for the series coming sometime soon or it this is all fans will get prior to the premiere. But do we really need anything else besides this song?


There’s still a couple of weeks left, so the series may have more fun things on the way. And, there’s enough going on to make fans want to tune in for more, even without a deeper peek into the upcoming action. Fans obviously know that Part 3 will focus on Sabrina bringing Nick back from here and the Ambrose/Prudence duo (we love to see it) going on their hunt for Blackwood.

If you’re ready to hear “Straight to Hell” on a continuous loop, the song is already up on Spotify for your listening enjoyment. But, there’s something more fun about listening to this catchy tune while all your favorite witches, warlocks, and mortals put on a performance.

It’s almost time to head to Hell.

Featured Image: Netflix

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