Get to Know CHILD’S PLAY’s Animatronic Chucky

We’re moving ever closer to horror-franchise synchronicity as Orion Pictures brings their Child’s Play remake to the screen whilst the original series is still alive and about to launch a TV series continuing on from the original timeline. The new movie releases on June 21st and reimagines the possessed doll as a smart home device gone haywire. Today, we got a new look at the animatronics that will be bringing Chucky to life and to the relief of horror fans everywhere there’s a lot of animatronics involved.

The mini-doc features cast members Aubrey Plaza, Brian Tyree-Henry, and Gabriel Bateman talking about just how scary the new concept of an “evil robot” Chucky really is. The star of the movie isn’t just CGI and is in fact six animatronic puppets! Genuinely impressive, to the cast and to us. It’s a reassuring reveal for fans worried that a new version of the iconic horror character might lose something. Luckily, with Mark Hamill voicing the demented doll and practical effects at the fore, this will likely still entice the most skeptical of Child’s Play fans.

Get to Know CHILD’S PLAY’s Animatronic Chucky_2

If you’ve ever wanted to know just how you build an animatronic doll skeleton then you’ll likely enjoy this behind the scenes look at the process of creating the very unsettling new Chucky doll. In a slightly ironic and chilling turn, seeing all of the cast and crew talking about the animatronic puppets in this clip reflects the plot of Seed of Chucky in which people are making a Chucky movie. Those fictional people are shocked by the realistic nature of the puppets who, of course, end up killing them all. Luckily, nothing so nefarious happens here (we hope) but it’s always interesting how life reflects art reflects life, etc.

You can catch Child’s Play when it hits theaters on June 14.

Images: Orion Pictures

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