Children’s Board Games Reimagined as Horror Movies

It seems every property from our childhoods is getting the “gritty reboot” treatment these days. It doesn’t matter how lighthearted it originally was. And never mind that some things were truly intended for children. But one artist has taken that trend to its most absurd conclusion: horror movies based on classic board games. We actually don’t hate this idea.

Via Geekologie, we discovered the work of artist Justin Bryant. This professional merchandise designer took several iconic board games of yesteryear, and gave them posters that resemble modern horror movies. Think Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley, only by way of Blumhouse. You can check out the best examples below:

Hungry Hungry Hippos was an ’80s favorite for kids across the country. Now, Bryant imagines it as a cross between Jaws and any one of a number of Syfy original movies about mutated animals that only want to eat people. Interestingly, these are just hungry hippos, not hungry hungry hippos.

Hungry Hippos horror movie fan art

Justin Bryant

Mouse Trap seemed like such harmless fun when we were kids. But now imagine it as the next incarnation of the Saw franchise, and it feels a whole lot less wholesome.

Mouse Trap horror movie fan art

Justin Bryant

Speaking of the Saw films, Chutes and Ladders now has that early 2000s “torture porn” genre vibe. Forget creepy hostels; just don’t go to the playground!

Chutes and Ladders horror movie concept

Justin Bryant

If Tim Burton were ever to direct another horror film, we have to admit that Candy Land actually seems like a perfect fit. In fact, if any one of these ever became real, we’d wager it would be this one. Michelle Pfeiffer as the evil mistress of Candy Castle anyone?

Candyland Tim Burton movie fan art

Justin Bryant

Cooties is giving us some serious Evil Dead remake vibes. Maybe they can get Sam Raimi to produce this one?

Cooties horror movie posters

Justin Bryant

If you love these wild mashups as much as we do, you can buy prints for each of these in Justin Bryant’s online store for just $15 a pop. And to check out more of his work, head on over to his Instagram page.

Featured Image: Justin Bryant

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